Brexit: How a generation got screwed over (2)

Thomas Andrews, 23, from Manchester – „Result is a product of misinformation“
„I was extremely frustrated with the result, it was the product of misinformation and an indoctrination of xenophobia in what I once was proud to call a tolerable and forward-thinking nation.

I voted to remain in the EU. This was a result of me feeling decidedly European. Having met a good amount of people from all across Europe, I feel a connection with the continent. I believed, and still believe, that a Britain independent from Europe, is a Britain that will inevitably be left behind in a world I hoped would progress towards being more connected and interdependent.

Immediately, I don’t feel any consequences of Britain leaving the EU in my personal life. However, I would be remiss in thinking there will be no consequences further down the line. The instability felt by EU nationals living in Britain is something that deeply saddens me and this is a direct consequence stemming from the result of the referendum.

It’s hard to say what will happen now in Britain, but there are stirrings of a second referendum. If this is the case I hope, given the regret in the wake of the Brexit result, people will vote with a “wiser” head. It is an uncertain future, even globally, and one can only hope the countries with the position to do so work together to create a better future. That’s an ideal, Brexit is nothing but a hindrance too.“

Emma Edwards, 22, from Manchester – „My generation has been screwed over“
„I voted remain, in my opinion there was no reason good enough to leave. I believe my generation has been screwed over with the result as most under 30s voted remain and we now have to live with the consequences. There was a lot of scaremongering going on within the leave campaign and I believe people didn’t truly know what they were voting for.

I don’t feel any consequences yet as nothing has really been done but hate crime has really risen which hasn’t effected me directly, but definitely the wider community who are concerned. Hopefully, the leave package agreed upon will be one with a single market and free roaming and other aspects which will truly impact our day to day life but also that the government deal with the NHS properly and other public services now we no longer have EU financial backing.“

Next week we continue with Michael, 24 from Birmingham. He nearly voted for Britain to leave the EU, but changed his mind.

How Britain voted at the referendum in detail

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