Photo Gallery: Tips for the Montreux Jazz Festival

The fiftieth edition of the Montreux Jazz Festival is over. With these tips from this year’s guests, first-time visitors will be well prepared for 2017. 

You have missed the Montreux Jazz Festival this year? Or you haven’t even heard of it yet? Don’t worry, there will probably be many opportunities to visit the festival in the upcoming years – after all, 2016 has already been the fiftieth(!) edition.

Located in the French part of Switzerland, right at the beautiful Lake Geneva, the unique festival is well worth a visit: It lasts two weeks and offers a mix of talented musicians, tasty food, great parties and stunning scenery. To prepare you for next year, we have asked some locals as well as some experienced visitors for their best pieces of advice for Montreux newbies.

(c) Rebecca Steinbichler

Sabrina (visitor from Austria)

„Don’t book an expensive hotel! Sleep in a tent or in the back of your car at one of the many camping and parking spaces around here. I just woke up to this amazing view five minutes ago and will take a swim in the lake now.“

Marjan, Thomas, Nina

Marjan, Thomas, Nina (from near Montreux)

Marjan: „Take some Aspirin beforehand for the headache and bring enough money.“
Thomas: „Try all the good food – for example from a place called Argentina if you like ribs, fries, and lots of sauce.“
Nina: „Don’t drink and drive!“


„A girl“ (from Montreux)

„Come here during the week instead of Friday or Saturday, as it’s really crowded on the weekends. Also, drink at home if you don’t want to spend too much money.“

Jan Lionel (Montreux)

Jan Lionel (from Montreux)

„Go to ‚Music in the Park‘. It’s great to sit there with different kinds of people, listen to good music and have a nice beer.“

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All photos: (c) Rebecca Steinbichler

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