Thanks: „Mountains don’t give a fuck“ (part 2)

(c) George Barberis What motivates you in your own lives?
Jimi: Music, good books, good jokes, travel, introspection, community. Since our last interview many Austrian bands have emerged. Which Austrian musicians, who are still alive, do you know and have listened to?
Jimi: Giantree, Steaming Satellites, Dust Covered Carpet When you think of the Austrian music scene (as a whole), which is the first genre that pops into your head?
Jimi: Electronic music. Most international bands who come to Austria play only one concert, usually in Vienna. Why are you playing at six different venues in Austria?
Jimi: When you’re a smaller band, you need as much exposure as you can get. So we like to play as much as possible when we’re here. Does it feel the same when you play a concert in America compared to Austria or Europe in general?
Jimi: Not really. Is the audience a different one?
Jimi: The audience is a lot better in Europe, more engaged, more fun. How are they more engaged? What are some of the characteristics that you appreciate the most?
Jimi: We love that people wanna dance and actually look like they’re enjoying the show. Do you feel more comfortable when playing in a big venue for hundreds, maybe thousands of people, or do you prefer more private concerts and why?
Jimi: It’s more about the audience than the size of the venue. Size doesn’t matter, it’s the motion in the ocean. What is your feel-good song? The one song that always puts you in a good mood?
Jimi: Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks. Which artist had the most influence on you and your life?
Jimi: We all have such different influences, it’s so hard to pin down one that we all agree upon. But definitely not Garth Brooks. What is one of your guilty pleasure songs that always has you dancing in the shower?
Jimi: Well, it’s definitely a guilty pleasure, and it’s another country song called Pontoon by Little Big Town. So silly, so fun.

Titelbild: (c) George Barberis

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