Gastkommentar: Andreea Archip über Bildung in Rumänien

Journalistin Andreea Archip schreibt über Bildung in Rumänien

Foto: (c) Andreea Archip

Foto: (c) Andreea Archip

A group of highly trained fellows managed to produce the 9\11 disaster. What those guys didn’t had wasn’t education or abilities, but humanity. We are so stressed in giving our children a lot of information and help them to gain skills, that we forget that what we need to do is make them human beings, citizens for a new society, a better one. That’s the main problem that education worldwide has, and Romania is no exception.

The good news is that a new reform started this September, the bad news is that no one asked pupils or their parents what they really want. So, the new law is meant to deliver the next generation, but we have no clue what we want from this generation.

The children are now still learning after a National Curriculum of 13 years old, and the school books for the students in the fifth grade, for example, are older then the kids. As can anyone see, we are not doing too great at international tests as well. The latest PISA exams showed that we can beat only Thailand and Trinidad Tobago, a really shameful result for a country which is in the EU for four years already. The main reason is the fact that the Romanian school programs are different as night and day of the international ones. If that is not enough, because of the economic crisis, the Minister of Education decided to disband some of the country side schools because they were eating public money and put the kids in buses for commuting.

At this year national baccalaureate we had a chance to see our educational system in a mirror: only 44% of the young students participating at this exam managed to pass it. A disaster that made history in our post communist school, and that happened only because we had, for the first time in 20 years, the hardest anti-fraud politics.

In the high education system we’ve just made a classification according to the role that every institution has: to provide education and a bachelor diploma, or to provide high research skills as well. This is a way to stop the no name universities to put on the market no value diplomas, sometimes for young people who never seen how a course room or a laboratory looks like inside.


We’re making small steps, but that is not enough. We are loosing are young scientists only because the research field is underfunded for years. In the last five years, only 50 young researchers came back in Romania and are now working for our institutes. Actually, the law is violated for several years because even though the educational system needs to receive at least 6% of the GDP, it gets a lot less. This year, this field got only a half.

Parents got enough to waiting for the resort ministry to do something, so many of them they gathered in small NGO’s and started to do what the politicians seem they can’t – to endow schools or even to employ teachers in order the subsidize the lack of personal.

They took the problem in their own hands because they learned before others that what we do well now in the educational field is for tomorrow.

Gastkommentar von Andreea Archip
Andreea Archip ist Redakteurin bei der rumänischen Tageszeitung „Adevarul“.'

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