Brexit: How a generation got screwed over

At the referendum, where Britain decided their future within the EU, 75 percent of the 18 to 24-year olds voted to remain. Now, some of them start to feel the result in their everyday life.

Since the Brexit-referendum in July, the economy in Great Britain is stagnating. In August, the professional association for recruitment informed the public about permanent placements falling at the sharpest rate in over seven years. Two weeks after the referendum, the British Pound was down to a depth which was last achieved 31 years ago. In a response, the Bank of England has lowered the key interest rate to a record low of 0,25 percent. Also, homophobic attacks all over Britain increased by 147 percent in the last three months since the referendum was held, as reported by The Guardian.

„Talk about my generation“
A study by YouGov shows, how the different age groups voted:

The study points out, that there are not only strong differences between age groups, but also between the regions. Therefore, Scotland, London and Northern Ireland voted for Britain to stay in the EU, while the rest of the country voted to leave.

One of these exceptions was Manchester. We asked two mid-twenties from there how they voted, if they already feel results of the referendum in their everyday life and what they think will happen to Britain in the near future.

How young people from Britain feel about the Brexit

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